Creative – Graphic Design and Copywriting

Graphic Design

They first impressions matter a great deal. This fully applies to marketing communications. Whether you are looking to reach your target audience through publications on social media, through apps, billboards, pamphlets, a branded vehicle, business cards or a brand-new website, we provide everything you need to look good.

Thanks to our experience our designers and creative specialists will recognize and unmistakably define the appropriate visual style of your company, product or franchise. We will base our suggestions and decisions on the information provided by you, as well as on the requirements of your brand. We will add our experience and personal style. We can always start from scratch, of course. We will suggest a completely new design, if that is what you are after. After all, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.


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Final attempt: Obviously, the way you sound is important. Which is why the tone we will set for your current and future clients is guaranteed to achieve the exact effect you are looking for. Thus, your business goals will be fulfilled. Share your concept with us or trust our experience and professionalism – either way, we will suggest the right tone and style your communication needs. As a result, it they will resonate with your idea of how your business should be perceived by the users. Additionally, the variety of specialists in our team gives us the opportunity to help you not only sound good but also – to be easy to find by search engines.


Video gives you the opportunity to engage more of your audience’s senses all at once. A well-made video allows you to go even further. By using the right wording and approaches you can secure a place exactly where you want to be – in your audience’s thoughts. You will be backed by some of the very best specialists in the field of video creation with the sole purpose of meeting your brand’s needs so that it will be more immersive for the audience.


Outdoor advertising inevitably comes with certain responsibilities for those who wish to take advantage of it. If you are feeling brave, you probably understand the importance of what you say to those who see your ads every day and how you say it. Every day while they’re driving, strolling around, going to work or heading home your current and potential customers are exposed to a vast number of ads. Yours needs to be the one that stays with them. And that’s where we come in – from the conception of an idea, text and design to the creation of the materials and renting ad space.

Corporate Identity

Creating of an appropriate corporate identity is of key importance for the realizing of a company’s goals. Image plays a big role when attracting customers and securing partners. Moreover, it serves as a great motivator and a boots the self-esteem of your employees.

Corporate identity conveys the values, philosophy, character and attitude of your business. This is why it is very important that not a single detail is overlooked. Every aspect contributes to the wholesome image of your brand – from the font on your business cards and the color scheme of the company’s website to the means to public communication – PR messages, adverts and the branding of your company’s vehicles, BeShared offers ideas, solutions and experience. All so that your brand will be realized in a way that will earn the users’ trust.