Full Stack Software Engineer

Full Stack Software Engineer

BeShared has an unrivaled reputation as a Facebook marketing leader in Bulgaria. We have 600+ clients and our next goal is hitting the sky. Our plans are to expand our development team by hiring talented Full Stack Software Engineers (FSSE) and building next generation products.

We are looking for FSSE with 2+ years of making interesting and rock solid web, mobile projects.


We don’t have requirements, but we expect You to have excellent understanding what Software Development Requirements are. 

Being an enthusiast is a must. Clients of our Software Development Services are startups in Hong Kong, Austria, Switzerland and the UK, so an energetic and self-organized person would fit well.

Our applications are responsive and adaptive therefore we expect you having similar features.

You have to be Agile if you are not then you should have been!

Working from home, the gym, seaside while cooking, singing Rockaby is a nice to have feature. It’s a real proof that you know what Multithreading is.

As a FSSE at BeShared, your work day will be (wherever you are):

  1. Get up and check your emails, Hangouts, Skype.
  2. Do some catchup meetings with the clients you are working with.
  3. Check the latest state/comments of your Jira stories.
  4. Open InteliJ IDE, fetch the latest code from GitHub, implement something cool, following TDD, applying SOLID principles and using:
  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript ES6, Angular/React
  • Java 8/Go, Spring Boot, Maven/Gradle
  • NoSQL or a relational DB
  • Android/iOS SDK

       5. Commit and Push your code.


We offer long term partnership to people who can imagine and see the IT future!

You'd rather talk to someone?

Борислав Айтов

Please call:

+359 / 878 788 469

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