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It is always important who does the job for you. Our main advantage is the strong team of good professionals. In the cooperation with clients we rely on the rich and specific set of skills and knowledge of each one of our team members. We at BeShared understand the importance of any individual experience to the success of the team as a whole and show it every day to our employees. That's why we reach our goals with motivation, imagination and enthusiasm. Our partners chose us, because they know that they can count on a high level of communication, understanding, flexibility and loyalty, which always lead to successful projects.
Borislav Aytov
He has worked in a television and a number of online and offline media. Can offer fresh ideas in order to develop effective and innovative solutions for creative advertising and communication channels with customers.
Deyan Ivanov
Sales Manager
Having six years' experience in trading and media business, Deyan is a man used to providing first class service to key customers. By following the principle of relationship management, he will be the person to meet you, offer you the most appropriate solutions for your business and stay in touch for all the advertising activities we do for your company.
Martina Nikolova
Social Media Marketing Specialist
Creative and positive, nothing is impossible for her. She turns work into pleasure, which is always a guarantee for good results. With solid knowledge and experience in the field of internet marketing, she will turn any marketing strategy into success. Sagittarius - always hits the bull's eye.
Kristina Georgieva
Social Media Marketing Specialist
Her experience in advertising in all its forms will help the successful integration of your ad campaigns into social networks.
Her creative flair and passion for writing result in a unique creative content that will distinguish your brand from your competitors and will create a lasting emotional connection brand - customer.
Samuil Petkanov
Founder of, publicist and somewhat Journalism student. His position in BeShared is copy/paster, which is something like a copywriter, but with far less pretension and pomposity. Taurus.
Cvetelina Spasova
Social Media Marketing Specialist
Creative, confident and organized, always does her work with pleasure. Have good knowledge of internet marketing, which contributes to better results. Provide creative and entertaining content that will develop your marketing strategy in social networks.
Dobromir Valkov
Art Director
Has extensive experience as an art director in many advertising agencies and design studios. He has worked on the implementation of online and offline integrated advertising campaigns, print media, video projects, motion design, storyboards, illustration, etc. Strong and responsible person, loves teamwork and takes on every new project with enthusiasm. He plays the drums in a bunch of Bulgarian underground bands. A prerequisite for a job well done is the presence of  kebab!
Georgi Talov
SEO Specialist
He is a real problem solver and decision maker, with the ability to prioritize and develop relevant and engaging content. His vast knowledge in marketing techniques, combined with solid expertise in HTML, CSS, JS and blogging will boost your website among the top search results. 
Dimityr Hadzhiolov
Project Manager
Professional with extensive experience in online marketing and PR, with a thorough knowledge of the product portfolio of Google, particularly Adwords, Analytics and Youtube. Responsible for the successful coordination and implementation of digital projects in the company, while also taking care to maintain the high level of service to our customers.
Luchezar Stoyanov
Web Designer
A talented and very creative designer who helped Ltd and its partner company BeShared Ltd to complete a lot of successful projects. 
Angel Aytov
Software Architect
He has passed into the 21st century writing code and he aims his code to pass into the 22nd century.
Dzhenko Zlatev
Full Stack Software Engineer
He is born to develop. Dzhenko has a sixth sense for solving difficult technical problems. He is able to stay focused and clear-minded even under high pressure. It’s an honor to have him in our elite squad.