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Web Design

Web design

Want to have your own unique design for your website? We will take case of the vision to impress your customers. It will be tailored entirely according to the market trends and your corporate identity. In case you want to edit or make a refresh/redesign, just send us your inquiry and we will find the best solution. Do not hesitate to contact us also for static or animated banners!

Web development

Now that's a complicated thing! :) This is why we have a team of professionals who can built for you a platform according to your needs, up to the smallest detail. The technologies we mainly use are PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, jQuery, Ajax, HTML, CSS3, Flash, Actionscript 2.0, Actionscript 3.0.
Advantages of our websites:
  • User friendly back-end;
  • Easy SEO management;
  • Correct visualization on all devices;
  • High loading speed;
  • Flexible platform for future upgrades.