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Social Marketing

Facebook pages

The vital new face of your brand is exactly a Facebook page - always dynamic, up-to-date and responsive. The way you treat your "fans" is the mirror image of the way you would serve them as customers. The percentage of active fans on your page determines the size of the audience your brand would reach. BeShared manages to maintain a monthly rating of its clients of above 80%.
The management of your Facebook page should not be neglected,on the contrary – it is essential for the success of your brand in the current socio-cultural and economic environment.
The aim of Beshared is to offer a complex and quality care for your Facebook page.

Facebook applications 

Once created, the Facebook application would change the overall feel of the user for the time spent on the social network. The Facebook app drives the so called "word of mouth" mechanism. BeShared can build an application entirely on its own model and idea, as well as on parameters set by you.
Current Analysis
BeShared prepares and provides its clients with current analysis on the success and scale of the ongoing ad campaign.
It is an established rule and way of work in our team to provide you with a detailed information about the performance and the actual results of the campaign while it's still ongoing.
Here is what it's about:
Number of unique users who saw your ad (Reach)
Number of times when a particular user has seen the relevant ad (Frequency)
Social impact or people who came to your ad through their friends (Social Reach)
Number of clicks (Clicks)
Average price paid for impressions or clicks (CPM, CPC)
Number of users engaged for to your post (Engaged users)
Number of unique users reached by your post (Post Reach)
Current Analysis is like a barometer and it's therefore possible to make abrupt changes in the methods of the campaign in order to optimize it and maximize its success.
Brand Awareness and Engagement
There is doubt that the most valuable resource that social media provides to the business for free is the opportunity for brand promotion and development of a connection with the customers. Global trends show that over 60% of marketers believe that sharing content in social media is the best way to communicate with existing and potential customers or even with future employees of the company. Namely the informal environment, where Facebook operates, makes the communication between brand and customer much more accessible and real.
Beshared will be glad to help you use all channels of the social network Facebook in order to promote your brand, build long lasting relationships with your customers and eventually increase your profits.
Ads Management and Creative
The preparation of Facebook advertising is a complex process, where a number of social factors should be taken into consideration in order to achieve the desired success. Beshared offers advertisers a mechanized and proven process, which manage the advertising campaigns in Facebook in the most suitable way.
Beshared will target your product or service in a way that will inevitably raise discussion among users, regardless of the target group (be it women over 40 from Varna or boys of 15 from Sofia). Let our team develop the most appropriate advertising strategy for your product or brand - to research which ad headlines, images and descriptions would be most adequately perceived by society by testing them in a selected audience in advance. Our Creative department will create advertising messages tailored to your needs in order to attract to your brand as many users as possible.
The so-called Budget Management is the process which determines the cost of each campaign. Wise budget management is the key to success of an advertising strategy. BeShared can be of help with the payment structure of Facebook. Let us set a daily budget, performance base of CPC * or CPI *, as well as the best prices that Facebook can offer in order to optimize the impact of your campaign and to reduce its price.
Stronger Social Connections
BeShared has an extremely effective communication channel which is capable to further strengthen links between people in the social network. Our team uses many fan pages in different subjects, containing millions of users and a high percentage of active ones, who consume information, provided mainly by us.
Why Facebook?

Facebook has become a byword for a successful viral communication and as a result of this – the largest media in the world.

Its globality is practically unprecedented. More and more reliable sources of information, like televisions, radio stations, newspapers and internet portals quote information posted on Facebook. Facebook is already a power and that's a fact.
- Over 850 mln people are already using it – they like/dislike, share, communicate. It is expected that their number will reach one billion by the end of the year.
- 2.4 million of them are Bulgarians and their number is growing rapidly. Over 50% of them are browsing the social network on a daily basis and spend there over six hours a week.
- Facebook is the second most visited website after Google.
Which are the real benefits of advertising in Facebook?
- Accessibility
The Facebook platform allows advertising to be strictly segmented according to location, gender, age, interests and hobbies, which allows for a strong local impact.
- Feedback
The audience can react at any given moment and its feedback reaches you in the most direct way.
- Price
An advertising campaign of any other type (television, radio, newspapers, magazines, websites, direct mail) would be way more expensive than Facebook positioning.
- Information
Being active in Facebook, you not only represent the brand and the product to a huge audience, but also get valuable information (email, address, phone number, facebook profile) about each new "fan", who becomes your potential customer.
- Loyalty
Advertising on Facebook has the advantage of linking customers not only to the brand/service, but also with yourself. The proper management of your Facebook page might seem a formality, but in fact it is the driving force that determines the campaign's success. The good management of a Facebook would guaranteed bring you a constant, targeted and informed audience, which follows all news about your brand.
- Quality
Friends of Friends or Friends of Fans
The more active, attractive and quality your page is managed, the more friends of friends or fans it (you and your brand resp.) will reach! Here we see the principle of spreading by word of mouth -  Facebook is an intelligently built platform that boosts the more "liked" and "shared" articles. It is a well known fact that the audience trusts the recommendations.
- Return
Formal studies made by marketing leaders suggest that the ROI growth has jumped from 64 to 69% last year, with growth expected to remain the same for this year.
- Future
And if advertising was not part of the platform in the wake of Facebook creation, Mark Zuckerberg's team seriously works towards its integration in the last two years.