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Graphic design
Want to make a fresh new design for your business cards, leaflets, presentations, vinyls, cars...?

BeShared offers ad writing, also known as copywriting or, among our competitors, as copy/pasting, but we want to keep its ingredients a commercial secret - we ask for your understanding! Instructions for successful writing, inherited from the ancient times and allowing a company or product to be found on modern day search engines cannot be disclosed like a recipe for okra in tomato sauce. And yes, we do promise 80% more properly placed commas in our texts than in those of our competitors.

Print advertising
We work with the best print houses in Bulgaria. We will save your time for research and will offer you a fast, quality and price competitive printing service.
Want to shoot an advertising spot in a conventional or unconventional way – let's do it properly! We work with some of the best known studios in the country. Once done, we can also take care of the video in terms of reaching a wide audience through the “viral” effect on Facebook.

Let us do all outdoor advertising you need – you can count on high quality and good positioning.

Corporate identity
Establishing appropriate corporate identity is crucial for reaching the company's objectives. Image plays an important role both in attracting new customers and winning potential business partners; last but not least – it also boosts the motivation and confidence of your own employees. Identity brings along mood, values, philosophy and character of the company, therefore it is essential that every detail is tailored as part of a common identity - from the font of the business cards, through the colors of the company's website to the channels of public communication - PR, advertising and branding of company cars. BeShared offers its experience and ideas on the above and many other things that your company definitely needs.