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What new to expect from Facebook?

Facebook is always working on improving its services with testing and implementation of diverse new features which can change the users experience in the social network.

Here are some changes, which may become reality in the near future:

Users real names

The social network is working on its policy regarding requirements for users to use their real names and plans to give them freedom of choice. Over the years Facebook took a lot of criticism from its users who want to keep their names private. It is expected that very soon users can pick a nickname while making their registration in the social network.

Short videos instead of profile pictures

Users will be able to add a 7-second video instead of a profile picture. Using this feature, called
“Profile Videos”, they will be able to better express themselves and show their creative potential. The short video will start playing when the profile is being viewed and in the news feed only a frame, chosen by the user, will be displayed. Facebook will also add a new tab called “Bio”, where users can add more information about themselves in a 100 symbol description.

Button “Reactions”

Recently news came out that Facebook was considering a new feature, which users have been waiting for a long time. We are talking about the extension of the “Like” button which will give the chance to pick from different emotions with which users can express their feelings.

The new function is already being tested in some countries in the Insights section, where “Likes” have been replaced by “Reactions”. This way you can check what emotions different posts on the page you manage have been generated – Love, Wow, Haha, Yay, Sad and Angry. It is still not certain when the new feature will be implemented.