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The importance of Social listening

Creating quality content is an essential part of Facebook marketing but some page managers focus on it and forget something also very important - providing their fans with feedback. 

As social media marketing specialists we often analyse pages of potential customers who ask for our help and expertise. The most common mistake in their Facebook marketing is the inadequate or absent feedback on comments and inquiries from their fans.  

The social media presence of a particular brand is a challenge but also a great opportunity to reach its potential and current customers. Product managers can learn a lot about the market as long as they learn how to listen to their consumers.

These are some of our advices on "social listening" that will improve your social media marketing:

  • Daily check your Facebook page and respond promptly to fans comments and inquiries. You can learn a lot from their comments. Be open to constructive criticism and do not be afraid of negative feedback.

  • Take the opportunity to talk to your fans and learn more about their preferences and opinions. This will help you build a positive brand image in their minds. 

  • Respond to customer problems, listen to their negative feedback and assist them in the best possible way in order to solve the problem. This will increase their confidence in your brand. 

  • Respond to fans inquiries even when they are not directly conected with your product - you can always advice or direct them to your website or the one of your partners.

  • Notice if your brand or page name is being mentioned in any comments on Facebook and respond adequately. If fans mention your brand in a positive tone, you should thank them and invite them to share their opinion at your official fan page. If your name is mentioned in a negative way, do not panic. Show that you are interested in the matter, try to learn more about the problem and attempt to solve it.

  • Observe your competitors fan pages and pay attention to possitive feedback from their fans because they can help you improve your product and service. 

Brands that "listen" to their fans achieve better social media marketing results. Fans who are being listened to become more loyal and tend to search for information about your product in your fan page.

"Social listening" takes time and resources. If they are absent, social media marketing becomes ineffective and it threatens the brand image. One of the main social media marketing specialists responsibilities and expertise is "listening" to fans and maintaining effective communication in order to build a strong positive image, to atract and retain new brand fans. If you are an entrepreneur or a manager and you do not have enough time, experience or knowledge for "social listening" entrust this function to social media marketing specialists.