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How to encourage fans to spend more time on a Facebook page

Facebook marketing is not only about publishing promotions and advertising your products. It is about establishing a permanent emotional bond with your target audience, communication, listening to its needs and interests and providing what your fans are looking for.  

Trough creating content that is various, interesting, useful and engaging the attention of the audience, we encourage them to pay more attention to our Facebook page and less to the competitors` ones. Sounds great, right? Here`s how this can happen:  

  • Through interesting, eye-catching posts with questions/polls on subjects that the auidence is concerned of;
  • Through post-games with product prices. They provide fans with a chance to test the products that the page promotes; 
  • Through engaging applications with prices;
  • Through video publiactions with interesting and useful content;
  • Through interesting and useful series of posts on a specific subject (woman`s health advices, winter cooking ideas, interesting facts, etc.);
  • Through special promotions, available only for Facebook fans;
  • Through humorous posts and videos designed to entertain the audience (do not forget that entertainment is one of the main reasons people spend more time on Facebook).
​​Social Media Marketing Specialists` task is to create a succesful combination of all 7 techniques in order to atract and keep the attention of the audinece. It is important to provide diverse, creative and unique content. People are looking for something new, amusing and useful every day and those pages who provide them with what they need, enjoy their attention.
Let us not forget that in social media quality is more important than quantity. After all it is not important how many fans there are in a Facebook page, but how many of them are actual consumers. Profit comes from actual buyers, not from random fans. 

Take a Facebook post-game, for example. These kind of posts give your fans a chance to win your product or a discount, to test it and if they enjoy it, they are more inclined to buy. If such post-games are published on a regular basis, a significant part of the audience will follow your page in order to participate and win prices. 
Posts with valuable and useful content also drive attention and encourage your fans to follow your page in order to learn more on the topic. 

After all each Facebook user wants to spend some quality time on the network, to be informed and to receive something in return for liking your page. When you give your fans something more, they will start to give you back their time, loyalty and money.