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Facebook to reduce the reach of promotional posts starting January 2015

Facebook users spend their time in the social network mainly browsing their News feed. From the information, which floods them every day, they are mostly interested in the status updates of their friends and in information, which concerns their fields of interest. Users rarely tend to think about that, but the news feed in their Facebook account is not randomly set, but is the result of a very complex algorithm, developed by specialists, aiming to filter out the numerous posts, status updates and ads, created by the network users daily.
In order to provide the most relevant and quality content to its users, Facebook is preparing yet another improvement of the news feed. In a statement from Facebook headquarters users have been informed that starting Jan 2015 they will be seeing more posts and status updates by friends and less advertising content.

This decision is the result of a survey among hundreds of thousands of users who stated that they want to see more posts of their friends or pages they like and less advertising publications.
In order to better understand the needs of their users, social network specialists have analyzed this feedback. What turns out to be repulsive, according to the users, is the presence of many advertising and promotional posts which force them to action. According to the users who participated in the survey, the content which they like the least is:

  • Posts that make you buy a certain product or register for some application
  • Posts that aggressively advertise promotions or raffles with no adequate context
  • Posts that use exactly the same content of the ads of the page

In order to improve the quality of content in the news feed, Facebook is going to reduce the posts mentioned above. This change will be beneficial for both ordinary users and corporate pages, which invest time and money in creating quality content. Facebook is a highly competitive channel and with the increasing number of corporate pages and the content they share, there is also a growth in fight for attention. The pages which manage to create content, which is quality and appealing for the audience, will enjoy a better reach than those which rely on aggressive advertising messages.

The aim of the social network specialists is to increase the quality of posts that users see in their Newsfeed. As shared by Facebook headquarters: "This change aims to provide people with the best possible Facebook experience and to respond to their requests."