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Facebook favors sales by two new sections

The social network will favor companies to offer consumers their products directly from facebook pages thanks to two new sections - Shopping and Services. The news was announced at a press conference in California, USA.

Currently, the social network has over 45 million pages. Section Shopping has been tested since July. It will allow companies to present and sell their products directly from their facebook page.
Section Services will help businesses, such as restaurants, beauty salons, clubs and more to promote their services.
The testing of these two sections is expected to be completed within weeks and to be activated for users.

Facebook also plans to facilitate communication between customers and companies as it is currently testing three new buttons: Call Now, Send Message and Contact Us.

So far the social media introduced some changes in the administration panel of the pages. Administrators now can prepare in advance messages in order to meet expected consumer issues in the section "saved reply", and with the function "reply privately" they can answer in a private message to a question or a comment posted publicly.

All these improvements help companies optimize their communication with customers and reach a large mass of potential customers. Recently facebook noted the first day, in which it was used by one billion people.