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Facebook Still Dominates Social Logins In Every Business Sector

Is Facebook “unstoppable”? It certainly seems so these days. From driving more traffic than Google, or giving advertisers better advertising options than any other network out there, Facebook is “on a roll”. Let’s not forget though that it hosts 1.5 billion users! There’s no surprise that it is the preferred method of social login.

In a recent report from 
Gigya – a social identity management company we see by how much. Although there have been changes in the balance of power between Q3 of 2015 and the previous time, Facebook still dominates 64% of the social login market and Google only controls 22% of it. Other platforms remain at a much lower percentage.

Facebook remains most popular among consumer brands (77%) and mobile applications (76%)Education/Non-Profit (75%), but still dominates e-Commerce (69%)Travel/Hospitality (65%) and Media/Publishing (54%) as well. In Media/Publishing Google plays “catchup” with a 24% share in social logins. In all other areas, Google doesn’t manage to control over 20% of social logins.

Facebook is also the most popular social login method geographically, with 81% of social logins in Central/South America77% in Asia Pacific74% in Europe, and above 60% in all other areas. Google does have a better share in Africa and the Middle East though, with 28% of social logins, and North America with 21%. Google gets it’s lowest share in Asia/Pacific with only 11% of social logins.

You can take a closer look at the data above, as well as figures for other social login methods in the infographic below.