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Facebook Is Testing Topic-Based News Feeds For Mobile

Facebook wants to become the world’s best newspaper. And its test with topic-based newsfeeds on mobile is certainly a step towards catering to news savvy users looking to access information in an easy and timely manner.

More and more online users turn to Facebook to follow the news. Whether it is about travel, cooking, style, lifestyle or simple new headlines, Facebook wants to cater for all of its users` needs. As such, the company is reported to be testing multiple topic-based News Feeds on its mobile apps.

The different topics are easily accessible from a new top-bar menu:

A Facebook spokesperson explained:
“People have told us they’d like new options to see and have conversations about more stories on Facebook around specific topics they’re interested in. So we are testing feeds for people to view different stories from people and Pages based on topic areas. You can access these feeds from your Bookmarks, located underneath Favorites, or a navigation bar under Search.”

The idea of multiple topic-based News Feeds isn’t entirely new. Facebook had run a similar test on its Desktop version. The company could roll this feature out quite quickly on mobile, to counter Twitter’s new Moments feature.