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Facebook - targeting like no other

Facebook filters are extremely precise and allow audience micro-targeting by a number of criteria and at prices far better than those offered by traditional advertising channels.

Generally speaking, you can target the audience you want to reach by the following criteria:

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behavior

Each one of these three criteria can be divided into sub-criterias in order to narrow down your target group.

Demographics allows us to target the audience by three of the main criteria used in advertising channels: gender, age and location.
Facebook, however, allows us to narrow down the target even more, by adding an option to chose target customers based on their education, employment, marital status, spoken languages, ethnicity, as well as events in their lives that are marked on their walls –movement, new job, childbirth, etc.

Targeting by residence by choosing a specific country and city is one thing, but in the US it has reached even further – there is an opportunity to target even by neighborhood.
If you find this amazing, wait to see the opportunities for targeting by interests and behavior!
Facebook investigates the interests of every user through his likes, shares and pages he followed in categories such as Business & Industry, Hobby & Leisure, Food & Beverage, Fitness, Sports, Entertainment, Technology, Fashion and Shopping.
Another great opportunity is to target the fans of your competitors by setting as targeted audience all users who liked the page of your competitor X.
Users' behavior is of utmost importance for each brand. Number and frequency of visits from mobile devices, traveling at home and abroad, check-ins from different locations – they all provide valuable information about the behavior and the habits of the audience and help to filter potential customers of the brand.
Instead of a conclusion we will summarize the power of Facebook targeting with the following example – is there another communication channel that helps you reach middle-aged women living in Plovdiv, having university or college education, married, often traveling in Europe and fans of Italian cuisine? The answer is simple - none other than Facebook.