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BeShared Offers Free Facebook Advertising

In the last couple of years Facebook managed to change the advertising market drastically and the best part is – these changes came in favor of the brands and advertisers. The biggest social network became one of the main and most effective advertising channels worldwide. “However, the majority of the companies do not know enough about all the possibilities that Facebook offers them to reach directly their current and potential customers” – says Borislav Aytov, CEO of BeShared - one of the most successful Facebook marketing agencies in Bulgaria.

For this reason the agency offers a free trial of Facebook advertising, where its customers have the opportunity to experience the real benefits of their corporate presence in the social network.

"The main result that companies see when they take advantage of the opportunity we offer, is how sharing useful and interesting content related to their business, is helping them not only to attract new fans, but also to increase their brand engagement and loyalty. During the free trial we aim to convince companies that creating quality and professional content and targeting it effectively in the social network brings benefits to the brand and inevitably increases sales. We achieve this thanks to the work of our social media marketing specialists and graphic designers, who create unique and attractive content and manage the Facebook advertising campaigns, in order to reach and influence our customers’ target audience" – says Aitov.

Still, many companies are not experiencing the real impact of their Facebook presence, because they are not using it in the right way. They simply do not possess the expertise and creative resources that Facebook marketing agencies do.