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6 ways to use social media to promote your event

Social media is a powerful tool to increase awareness and engage with people you want to see at your event. No matter what type of events you are conducting, using the right social media channel can bring people to your spot. Here are some brilliant ways social media can help you promote your events.


1. Facebook remarketing

Facebook remarketing (also known as retargeting) is a great tool that allows people who have already visited your site to stay tuned on news and events you are hosting. This feature is available when you use facebook ads to promote your upcoming event or promotion. These ads are targeted to people who have visited your site. Some of them may have purchased something, but some may have not. Although they already know about you and when they see your name for the second time, they may be more interested and ready to buy or attend your event.


2. Create and share videos from your prior events

Videos are getting more and more viral and not using them when you have things to show is a waste of great opportunity. If you want to attract people to your events you will have to show them how awesome others have felt.
Make a list of all benefits people get from your event (excitement, fun, prestige, profit, etc.) and show them to your target audience. Share your video on social media, such as YouTube and Facebook and spend some money to promote it.


3. Gather and share testimonials

Positive comments are the greatest way to show people that your event rocked! Find a way to gather comments from visitors and share them online. Use images or video testimonials to show excitement and gratitude of people who have visited your prior event.


4. Share photos

If you don`t have enough resources to make a video, the least you can do is to take photos and share them on social media. Photos of happy people are another great tool to show why attending your event is worth it. Don`t forget also that satisfied people like to share and tag themselves on photos from events they attended.


5. Create and use unique hashtags

People like using hashtags on social media so having an unique hashtag for your event will help them spread the word. Use the hashtag on every piece of material you create for promoting the event – posts, emails, posters, brochures, tickets and etc.


6. Create a facebook event page

Facebook event page lets you invite people to your event. Your fans can also subscribe to your future events and automatically receive information when you create a new event.
Event page is a great opportunity to engage with people, share opinions, photos, videos and lots of information about your quests, lecturers and special offers. Event page is also a great way to share updates and to remind people about the approaching date.

Don`t forget that if you want to get the most of your social media marketing you should always use a mixture of all appropriate tools.