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6 ways to get the most out of your Social Media Marketing Specialist

Working with a Facebook marketing agency is always challenging and brings advantages for both sides as soon as it's well organized and optimized. Agency specialists strictly follow some set rules in order to provide the best service to their clients. It is also important that clients themselves follow some rules in order to get the most out of their work with the marketing specialist who works for their Facebook fan page.

1. Be clear when setting your goals
Share with your marketing specialist what your goals are in the social network – to increase sales or to create an emotional connection between the brand and its fans. The more information you provide to the specialist, the more successful strategy he will create for your brand.

2. Define your expectations
Discuss in advance your expectations and requirements from the specialist – how often do you like go get reports about what's being done, how often do you like to hold meetings to discuss the reached results, how often do you want to communicate with the specialist. These things are important for making the correct offer and for a smooth work after signing the contract

3. Provide information related to your business
In order to create the best content, the specialist needs a lot of information about your brand and the sector you operate in. By helping him with some important information about it, you also help your business. Information about your key competitors, past advertising campaigns, future business plans, etc. are of significant importance. The specialist may find information about the sector your business operates in, but you're the one to filter the really important info related to your brand, from which the Facebook communication could benefit.

4. Master the basics of Facebook marketing
It's not about knowing everything that the specialist does, but about being familiar with the logic behind Facebook marketing – why is it done, what is really effective, what do fans want, etc. Put yourself in the specialist's shoes and try to see his suggestions from the perspective of a marketing specialist and not of an user or the brand owner who pays for the service. And the most important thing – do not let emotion and subjectivity guide you when you approve ideas and concepts – remember that the specialist develops them for your target audience and not for you. Reactions like “I don't like this” are not professional and question your social media marketing specialist`s skills.

5. Facilitate communication
A social marketing specialist usually works with 5 to 10 clients at a time. A significant part of his work is creative, which requires time, research, discussions with colleagues from the creative department and concentration. He knows how to organize his time and values the time of his clients. Help your joint work by setting clear and simple communication framework – time for work, time for receiving the ideas, time for corrections. Unless you know he is working only for you, do not occupy his whole time. If you set your rules for communication with him from the beginning, he will stick to them and will be available whenever it's needed.

6. Evaluate the work of the specialist
Being Social Media Marketing Specialist doesn't mean hanging around on social networks and publishing posts. Developing, planning and implementing a communication strategy is a process that takes time and resources. Respect his work like you would like him to respect your work as a CEO, brand manager, PR specialist, etc. The work of the social specialist is quite tense, he communicates on a daily basis with creative directors, designers, account managers, he follows the social media news and implementations, he watches the pages he is taking care of, responds to comments and inquiries by fans in a timely manner. A major part of his work is creating new publications which is a creative work on the first place – it takes time, concentration, brainstormings and inspiration. So remember – if he doesn't respond to your phone call or Facebook message on the spot, then most probably some creative task requires his full attention and he shouldn't be bothered, because it might affect the quality.