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5 tips for successful online store

What does an online store need to attract new customers and to make current ones return again and again? Each owner of such business asks himself this question. No matter if you are selling clothes, shoes, accessories, food, airplane tickets or other types of consumer goods, the success of your online business will depend heavily on whether you've got the following:

1.) You understand the needs of your customers

When choosing what products to sell in your online store, you have to conduct a survey for your target consumers and to explore what their basic needs are. But this is not enough.
You should also provide more extra things that will make shopping from your online store more attractive for them. Provide several options for payment and delivery, suitable conditions for returning purchased goods, vouchers and discounts for loyal customers. Such trifle makes the experience of users in your online store much more enjoyable and increases the likelihood to return and reorder.

2.) Your webpage is easy to find and easy to use

If you want your customers to easily find you on the web, you must provide search engine optimization for your website. It is absolutely essential for online shops offering widespread products such as clothes, shoes, jewelry, electronics, trips, food, etc., as competition for them is great and only websites with the highest traffic and the best optimization will come in first search results on Google. According to statistics, if your online store appears onto the second page in search, the chance your potential customers to find you is minimal.
Another important factor to attract regular customers is the convenience of your online store. Do your visitors easily find the products they are interested in, is all the necessary information for making a choice to buy available (product characteristics, origin, size, warranty, etc.), do your order form and payment form function well, can customers reach you easily in case they have questions or problems?
Disadvatages such as slow loading of the website, no search form, small or poor quality product photos, unclear or incomplete information about the order, payment and delivery conditions can drive your customers away.

3.) You communicate well your products and sales proposals

As we already mentioned, even if you offer the best products and best prices, it is not enough if you don`t have a working marketing strategy. You have to select the most appropriate channels and tools for advertising in order to attract customers.
Appropriate channels for advertising are places where your current and potential customers are. You must start with online advertising. The perfect mix of online advertising includes advertising in Google and social networks.
Facebook is your number one choice as this is the most used social network not only in Bulgaria but also worldwide. This is the network that offers some of the most convenient and effective tools for advertising, such as multi-product advertising, through which you can advertise simultaneously up to 5 different products or product categories, or remarketing banner ads that target Facebook users who has already visited your online shop. This helps you to remind about your products to consumers who have ordered from your website or looked at your products without making a purchase.
If your business uses good quality images (such as selling clothes, jewelry, shoes, furniture, etc.), you can include advertising in social networks that rely on attractive images, such as Instagram and Pinterest.

4.) You pay attention to customers` feedback 

Feedback from customers in most cases scares traders, but in fact it may give you excellent guidance on what to improve in your business in order to attract more satisfied customers.
Allow users to share their opinion on your website or in your business profile on social networks. Search for feedback, respond to criticism, complaints and compliments and see how your attention and engagement will drive more satisfied customers.
You can send email inquiries regularly (every month for customers on subscription or after each purchase) in order to understand your customers opinion. This will not only help you collect important data, but also will demonstrate your appreciation and concern about your customers satisfaction.

5.) You observe online business trends and apply innovations

Online marketing is one of the most dynamic business areas and if you want to progress rapidly you have to be always up to date with all changes and innovations. Some changes may threaten your business, others may benefit it, but all that matters for you is to be among the first to adapt to the changes. This can help you to stand out over your competitors or to conquer new market shares.