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4 tactics to deal with social media trolls

Each social media marketing specialist knows that managing negative comments on social media can be very annoying and even a quite difficult task. Although it is crucial to learn how to respond to comments that may harm your brands image and may affect other users opinion on your brand especially when they come from social trolls. 

Social media trolls are users who purposefully create problems on social media by giving negative and sometimes meaningless comments that provoke conversation. Sometimes it feels like they are hired by your competitors in order to make your brand look bad. Often they use fake profiles.

Here are some tactics that may help you deal with such social media users:

1.) Use facts
If the troll`s statement is wrong, use facts to prove it. Sometimes in order to do so you should make research and find out why this person decided to claim mendacity.

2.) Respond with humor
If the brand`s page permits it you can use humor in order to “shut the troll`s mouth”. But don`t forget to use humor with caution. You can use a smart metaphor and should always be positive. But before all don`t forget to recognize the user`s problem and try to provide solution. 

3.) Don`t let them drive you into a “pointless conversation”
Sometimes social trolls just look for attention and embezzle with your time. Respond correctly, provide solution and thank them for their time. Ignore their tone if they become offensive and keep your positive attitude. If they use foul language and profanity warn them that they will be banished from your page and take further actions if they continue. 

4.) Post “Page rules”
Facebook has its special rules and requirements for social communication that each user agrees with when creating his account, but not all users keep these requirements. You can create your own social media etiquette in order to avoid abusive language, comments that may offend your brand or other users. Let your audience know what actions you will take against those who ignore these requirements. For example, you may delete their comments or ban them from your page. 

In the end don`t forget that the worst way to deal with a troll is to “feed” his hatred with aggression, impatience and sarcasm. Instead always be kind, respectfull and fair.