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2015 Social Media Marketing Strategy Key Factors

Each new year brings improvements, new challenges and opportunities, that help us improve our work and results. In 2014 we witnessed a number of changes in social media, we learned many things and now it is time to apply them in our marketing strategies.

Each brand marketing strategy planning includes analysis of past campaigns and the results they achieved. Based on the analysis, reports and achieved results, we can understand if we have been on the right track and what has to be improved.

These are 5 key factors, which every single manager should consider when planning this year’s social media marketing strategy:


  1. Goals

    The presence of a brand in any social media has to be targeted. No good results will be achieved if goals are not determined. Goals are the foundation that determines the rest – strategy, indicators, resources, actions and performers.

    The objectives have to be determined depending on the product’s Life stage – popularizing the product, increase of sales, creation of certain image, product reposition, creation of emotional bond between the product and its consumers, etc.


  2. Indicators

    Once the goals are set correctly and clearly, we have to define the indicators which will be used to indicate the goals achievement. If one of the goals, for example, is to increase visits at the brand’s official website, a key indicator will be generated traffic from social network. If we aim increase of engagement, for example at Facebook, key indicators will be Likes, Shares and Comments at the brand’s official Fan page.


  3. Budget

    Budget is a delicate topic, especially since Facebook decreased organic reach in 2014 and increased the cost to promote fan pages and publications. In 2015 social media marketing efforts will lead to no results if managers have no budget for paid advertisement in Facebook.


  4. Content

    It is now clear that if fan pages do not propose their audience quality content they will lose their attention and engagement. Each Facebook post literary has seconds to attract social media users and to call for action. Constant, relevant and creative content is the key to success in every social media marketing strategy.

    Quality content consists of creative and attractive images or videos, relevant, interesting and amusing copy and adequate CTA. Content has to comply with the audience so every social media marketing specialist must study what the brand fans like and search for in the social media and to supply them with interesting, amusing and useful content.


  5. Constant communication with the audience

    If you have not done it before, 2015 is your opportunity to correct this mistake. Fan pages must be regularly checked for new messages, comments and inquiries from fans. They must be replied on time – no later than 4 hours after the comment or question has occurred. Remember that this is just as important as the creation of quality content.

    Social media is a place for bilateral exchange of information, so you not only have to provide content, but also to listen and provide feedback. Social listening is another key element of social media marketing strategy in 2015.


And finally, we conclude this brief topic with a very important piece of advice - if you work with an advertising agency that maintains the fan pages of your company or brand in social media, be sure to inform and share with your social media marketing specialists your marketing goals so that they can help you create your social media marketing strategy. The more informed and involved in your marketing plans are they, the better results you will achieve in 2015.