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10 tricks to boost creativity

Work in the world of digital marketing involves a lot of creativity, but even our creative minds sometimes need stimulation. That's why we have gathered for you 10 of the most useful and effective tricks that can boost creativity and help us in dealing with the most challenging tasks.‚Äč

1. Drop the keyboard and start with handwriting
Get back to the old-fashioned paper and pen or pencil for a more authentic experience of the creative act. According to some studies, the smell of ink on the paper stimulates creative thinking. Furthermore, any squiggles, scribbles, shapes and words that we meanwhile write on the paper can trigger new ideas.

2. Look for other points of view
Sometimes we are too burdened with our personal opinion and knowledge on a subject - it is therefore very useful to ask for others' opinions. The most interesting ideas might come after a short conversation on the topic with a colleague from our or from another department.

3. Play with words
Open the dictionary on a random page, take the first word you see and write down all associations with it that come to your mind. Do it instinctively – do not think and do not put restrictions. This will unlock your creative freedom and will remove the obstacles that sometimes prevent us from thinking creatively.

4. Think in parts

Take an object and divide it into parts. Let's take a house for example – think of it as a door, a room, stairs, windows, ceiling. This unlocks creativity and helps us see through some important details of the topic that interests us.

5. Keep your hands busy with something

When you work something with your hands, you use various senses at once, which boosts creativity. Choose an activity which brings you pleasure and just create – paint, cook, decorate, knit, make jewelry or puppets from recycled materials, whatever you like

6. Get out in nature

Going out of the office for a breath of fresh air can be tremendously relaxing and energizing at the same time – nature boosts all 5 senses.

7. Meet people

Social contacts are very useful for creative thinking. We are born to gain experience and ideas through communication with others. When we are among people that we trust and like, we tend to communicate in a more relaxed way and become more creative.

8. Move

Physical activity frees the mind and consciousness. Sometimes even a short walk can help us look at a question from a different point of view and to come up with great ideas.

9. Take a good sleep

Morning is not only wiser, but also more creative than the evening. Sleep restructures the information you have got during the day and can help you see things that you work on in a different perspective. A short nap can also be beneficial, because it boosts the activity of the right hemisphere, which is responsible for creativity.

10. Travel
A trip out of town or best out of the country will sharpen the cognitive processes that are responsible for creative thinking. Think about how many ideas you can “borrow” from a foreign country, its art, food, culture and people.