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10 mistakes that may reduce the engagement of your Facebook fans

We would like to present you the 10 most common mistakes that affect Facebook engagement:

  • Too much text

News feed in Facebook is full of various posts, so yours should be short and with a creative vision, so they can attract fans’ attention quickly. Try to limit your text to 100 symbols, if you need something longer try not to go over 250.
Posts which contain between 100 and 250 symbols generate around 60% more likes, comments and shares.

  • Not following the “Keep it simple” rule

Asking questions which are too long, hard or require too much thinking repel customers. Increase the engagement of your fans by asking them questions with few options to choose from, yes/no questions or questions that require an answer of only few words.

  • Posting in wrong hours

The best time to post something in Facebook depends on your brand, but it’s also important to follow when your competitors post. You know how difficult it is to catch someone’s attention in the crowded news feed and to make him interact with your page. By posting in the busiest hours you do this task even harder, so follow the activity of your fans and post in the hours when they are most active.

  • Sending unclear messages with no call-to-action

It’s good if your messages imply to your customers what you expect them to do. Posts must have a clear call-to-action, but don’t forget that inviting fans to like or share your posts is against the rules of Facebook. According to statistics, posts that contain call-to-action generate around 50% higher involvement of the fans.

  • Sharing content which has nothing to do with your business

By posting some cute kittens you could increase the involvement of some fans, but this might also generate a negative feedback – some users might hide this post from their news feed or report it as spam. This will inevitably lead to a change of the news feed algorithm.

  • Discussing topics which aren’t suitable for the social network

As much as you want to cause a reaction from your fans, you should not post subjects about politics, false news about your competitors or offensive content. Experience and stats show that positive posts get more likes than negative ones. You could also create discussions in order to get your fans talking, but always try to pick a positive subject.

  • Creating content for traditional marketing

Social media marketing differs from traditional marketing. The latter is focused on promotion and sales, while social media marketing makes users come back to your brand by earning their loyalty. Facebook communication is a dialogue between two and not a monologue. Every brand has to listen to its fans, answer them and ask them questions. Be yourself, develop a connection with your fans and they will be the ones to search for interactions with your page.

  • Excessive focus on sales

Everyone uses Facebook in order to connect and communicate with other people, that’s why your fans should feel your page as a friend. They want to see the “person” behind the brand, so listen to them, show interest in what they like or don’t like and pay personal attention to each case that arises. Also, don’t forget the 80/20 rule – 80% of the content in your page should be funny or useful and 20% can be product-related.

  • Lack of consistency in the posts

Both excessive and not regular posting have a negative effect over the engagement level of a Facebook page. Create an optimal plan for the amount of posts on a weekly basis by following the news and latest trends on Facebook. It is recommended to make between 3 and 7 posts per week, depending on the brand.

  • Posting texts and links without visualization

Visual content is one of the most important things for getting many likes and shares. Images attract one’s attention the most and also generate bigger involvement  of the fans – avoid posting only text or a link.